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03 March, 2010

Google DevFest 2010

Attended Google DevFest (D3vF3st) 2010 today.What an amazing day to learn so much today.


Patrick Chanezon, Google

Patrick Chanezon manages the Open Web Advocacy team at Google, making the web better as a development platform through open source and open standards. Previously he has been working on portals, blogs and syndication feeds at Sun Microsystems, AOL and Netscape. He's the co-founder of the ROME java open source project and the OSSGTP (Open Source Get Together Paris) group. Patrick is French, so he takes long vacations in the summer and likes to drink red wine with baguette and stinky cheese while wearing a beret. More on his blog at

Rajdeep Dua, Google

Rajdeep is with the Google Developer Relations team working with the Maps & Chrome Advocacy teams. He has around 12 years of experience in middleware, web services and integration space. Before joining Google, he was leading development efforts for CSF: Connected Services Framework initiative in Microsoft India. He has also been associated with JBoss JMS open source development in the past. Rajdeep holds an MBA from IIM Lucknow, India.

Prashant Tiwari, Google
Prashant works with Google's Developer Relations team at Hyderabad, helping developers create applications based on the Orkut and OpenSocial APIs. He strongly believes in the power of open technologies and standards to push the social web into a much more useful and friendlier place for everybody.

Sessions can be found @

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